When a Table is a Window

I imagine some people are wondering why we use a picnic table. Well, we traveled two paths in the decision-making process.

The first has to do with what we did not choose. Specifically a cross or other historical religious symbols. Concerning the cross, our culture has forgotten its offense. Imagine a Church using a guillotine. This sounds silly and offensive because the guillotine is a violent tool for execution. But in reality, the cross is much more violent and cruel. I am not suggesting the cross as a poor message for the gospel. By NO means. If you read John chapter 3 and Numbers chapter 21 the message is clear. God’s promise of hope was realized by looking upon the object of judgement. So a cross is certainly valuable. However, I would argue that most ministries choose the cross for its comfortable aesthetic and not for its offense.

The second reason is similar to the first. As we mentioned, the cross was used for its cultural relevance. Just by looking at the cross a message was understood. While the relevance is nearly lost, the idea of merging message and imagery is still powerful. The question is two-fold. What message? What image? Here is a short list of reasons why the Picnic Table is a powerful image for the Christian message. The Picnic Table is a place:

  • to share stories
  • to receive refreshment
  • to laugh and cry
  • for connecting
  • to remember the past and look to the future
  • A place to celebrate life together
  • the list goes on…
  • If home is where the heart is, then I would argue that the table is a tiny window into the heart of our forever home.
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