Once Bit

Unfortunately, living in the American South often inoculates us to the bright fresh gospel. Faith in Jesus Christ has become social and safe. Living in a post Christian society means you are either one of the new cynics or you have multiple cynic friends. “I’m a christian but I don’t like Church”. I get it. And I am sorry. Cheap grace is destructive and repulsive. The aftermath of cheap grace has covered our land and polluted the waters of faith.

The Cynic has many reason to NEVER AGAIN sit on the wall of faith. “I trusted, I hoped, I believed”. If we are going to claim a savior, then we must confess a crisis. The bible tells us this crisis will often bubble up within the family of God. If we are honest, we struggle with a God who permits wounds on his children.

The RENEWAL OF ALL THINGS shines brightest in the darkness of a fallen world. Especially when darkness comes masked as the institution of faith. Please watch this video, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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