Living Well – Update 1

Greetings Christ Fellowship and Friends
As we navigate the shifting nature of Business and Community we are presented with new opportunities to worship and enjoy God as we Live Work and Play. The Church (Bride of Jesus) has a long history of manifesting love in the midst of disease. In the coming days we will be sending updates for our gatherings as well as service opportunities and how we can learn from history. 

We should lean on Gods steadfast love as our fixed point through uncertain times. Let us think less on what we might “lose”, but rather make choices based on faith, hope, love and what can be “gained.” Our inheritance is in the never stopping, never failing, always and forever love of God.   Right now we have a tremendous opportunity to love our neighbor.   If you need assistance please let us know. We are forming service teams and look forward to learning how we might worship GOD with this unique opportunity.  

Reminder, We are not gathering this Sunday and postponing the men’s retreat (date TBD). We will send updates concerning next Sunday and other gatherings soon. 

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