I Love Our Church (And Advent)

I Love our Church! Yes we are small and yes we have challenges. But I am sincerely grateful for EVERY member of our body. Without a doubt we will have bumps along the way. These bumps remind me of sloshing my coffee during a morning commute. Yep, it stings for a bit. But I still love the journey and the people in the car.

Christ Fellowship is in an amazing time. God is growing us together. Our challenge is to gaze at the destination and enjoy the process at the same time. It will be messy, but GOD is an expert at making beautiful things from messes.

ALSO, This Sunday is our last Sunday on Ephesians. Soon we will begin Advent. This Advent season we will be exploring a theme of REST. Can true rest be found in the hustle and bustle? I am looking forward to exploring this with you!

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