Finding Rest in Faith

When the gospel is functioning correctly in our lives, our awareness of our own sin grows. This does not mean we become more sinful. Rather, We begin to see how widespread the damages and the consequences have spread.

When we drift from this awareness, our dependency on Christ diminishes. One of the first consequences is the loss of peace. As a result, pursuing the Christian faith feels more like treading water rather than a cool refreshing stream.The result is an endless exhaustion and constant fear of being revealed.

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Unfortunately, this infects everything. Even our Church Planting efforts. We can become so consumed with being “missional” or “outward faced” that we neglect the third portion of the great commandment. LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR SOUL. Or as we have said, Love the Lord with all your “Play”. The divine appointment of rest and leisure is a vital portion of the Christian faith. It’s ok to pullback and recharge. In fact, it is commanded.

Biblically we are often compared to plants. Plants are not missional. Yet, they bring life, food, shade, multiplication, and much more. Health and growth are inseparable. When we use “Flourish” as an alternative to “Mission”, we reconcile the tension between our command to rest and our command to give. (More to come on the term “Flourish”)

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