Facing Outward

As part of planting a new Church we are looking at several issues related to the vision and mission of this new community. Today we started our series by looking at the concept of being “Outward faced”.
What does is mean to be outward faced? We discussed the concept of a unshuttered window. Allowing visitors to look in. And keeping the window open so we can know the outside world. As part of this discussion we explored the risk associated with being “outward faced”.
Here are some of the responses.
•Being seen
•being held accountable
•neglecting balance
•Loss of control

The Gospel invites us into a new world. The process of spiritual growth means change. This change is a shock to our current way of life. We looked at a quote from my good friend Andy Byers Blog. www.hopefulrealism.com. a link to the full article can be found on the previous post.
“Salvation is culture shock. The culture is God’s. The shock is from holiness and living by faith. A life of trusting, of believing in daily manna,.. New speech has to be learned. Former religious imagery has to be un-learned.” – Byers

We discussed these challenges and asked what things need to be unlearned in the Church and in our personal lives. Here are some of the responses.
•process and traditions
•learn that the “Body of Christ” is the Church and not a building
•Christian Lingo

After a study on John 7 – 37-38 and its context to Exodus 17

We explored the benefits of being outward faced.
Here are some of the responses.
•Personal Culture Shock
•Seeing God at Work
•Spirtual Growth
•process and traditions
•Kingdom Growth

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