Christ Fellowship Update


Exploring the Beauty of Jonah Chapter 4


This week we are exploring Jonah chapter 4. Portions of this chapter define our lives on a daily basis. Therefore this week’s message is titled:
What is GRACE? – Answers in the form of a question.


I am so thrilled to announce the installment of our communications center. In an effort to maintain simplicity we have “test driven” many different options and finding the right option took A LONG TIME! Finally the proper solution has arrived. This significantly increases our ability to communicate and plan things like:

  • Table/Life Groups (Communication & Spiritual Development)
  • Service/Giving Projects
  • Community Meals
  • Guys and Girls Fellowships
  • Ministry Team Communications
  • Community Engagement
  • Children’s and Student Community development
  • Hospitality and More!

It might take a couple weeks to get some existing ministry teams on track. But in the process of Church planting this is a HUGE step! Congratulations to all those receiving this. You are on the front lines of Kingdom work. It can be messy at times. But pause here and consider how far GOD has brought us. All of this is from HIM! The bullet points above reflect HIS Church. It reflects you! God is at work and Christ is KING!

Speaking of Serving

We are seeking to build relationships in our region where we can invest our time talent and treasure. Seeking these relationships can take time. However, we still want to exercise our “Giving Muscle”. So until GOD opens the door, we are seeking some short term opportunities that might grow into long term. Here are three wonderful opportunities coming your way!

  1. Member Care (weekend landscaping and construction)
  2. Hospitality – A friend of Christ Fellowship needs food!
  3. Drake House – There is a broad list of one time needs that might grow into a long term relationship with Christ Fellowship. We will announce these needs on Sunday. until then you can read about the Drake house here. BTW… They are within walking distance of our current location.


As mentioned above. Our communications center is being installed. Part of this process includes a calendar on the Church website. We will continue to drive communications toward this online calendar. Our most immediate events are:

  1. Guys Fellowship – Every other week. Unless posted we will gather at “The Grub” formerly Roswell Tap. 8pm on the back patio. Come as you are and invite a buddy.
  2. Thursday July 26th Braves game. Families welcome. (details to come)