Christ Fellowship Update

Greetings Christ Fellowship & Friends

This Sunday we will explore Luke 13:1-9
Walking with Jesus back home – Finding Joy in hard times

Hospitality is the Gospel

This sermon series in Luke has reminded me that hospitality is essential to the gospel. Here is an excellent article on hospitality in our lives and Church. It is from the Gospel Coalition

New Members!

Reminder – we are scheduled to receive new members Sunday February 25th. If you are interested in learning about membership please reach out to Brian

Men’s One Night Retreat

Its like a guys night plus breakfast. Friday March 9th in Dawsonville. We estimate about $30 should cover the food and beverages. Some of the details are still getting sorted. if you plan on joining us, please RSVP via email to Graham Pierce (see newsletter for email link).

The plan: Arrive, Hangout, Eat, Sleep, Wake up, Eat, Hangout.
Optional activities added to the schedule:
Friday morning fishing
Saturday afternoon skeet shoot
More details to come.

Women’s study resumes this week
The Men’s groups continue

Reminder – All small groups are scheduled for rest / renewal around the second week of March.

Drake House, Creating and Giving

We are getting closer to a team that will help identify some nearby service giving opportunities. Additionally, we have already been budgeting for serving the ministries God leads us to. If you would like to join the team exploring these opportunities please reach out to Brian

Two updates on leadership

1. This Sunday our Children’s team will be meeting with our Advisors to explore proactive plans for ministry.
2. The Church will be receiving a temporary session from regional elders to assist in the path to particularization. More details on this process in the coming weeks.