advent – Rest discovered

Monday was the second day of advent. If you have not already placed this rhythm into your holiday routine I highly recommend it. The process will shepherd you daily amidst an onslaught of distractions. Additionally, you will have the benefit of knowing your Church family is studying Christmas alongside you. Below is how I was personally blessed with yesterday’s reading from "Unwrapping the Names of Jesus"

Jesus is the Resurrection = Rest in Chaos

During the holidays our efforts toward peace (order) often yield chaos (disorder). Sometimes its subtle. Sometimes its overwhelming. But chaos always robs us of peace. Furthermore, any attempt to recover peace apart from Christ only yields more chaos. For example: I spent several hours Monday stressing over "problems" beyond my control. I talked to friends, prayed, etc.. In the end I was still stressed. To make myself feel better I packaged my stress as "pastoral care". But in reality, I was trying to bring peace without yielding to Christ. In other words, I believed the lie that stressing over a problem brings comfort. After reading our advent devotion I was wonderfully convicted of my striving and lack of peace. (see day 2 of the devotion – "resurrection mindset").

No one is immune:
Don’t forget the context – I had just preached on Jesus being the "Light of the World". He is God’s holy light bringing peace into chaos. But within 12 hours of preaching I had forgotten this truth. Everything: work, marriage, parenting, etc… all fall under Christ’s redemptive authority. When we treat any endeavor as exempt from his authority we experience a diminished peace. If you are experiencing a lack of peace this morning ask yourself, what would it look like to live as though Jesus life, death and resurrection really did purchase all your fears.

My prayer this season is for you to experience the peace of Christ in the midst of holiday chaos.

I highly encourage you to join us in the adventure. It will be water for your soul.
Christ is King! You are loved

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