4 Stories

We often reduce the gospel to something much less than it is. We treat it like it is a stamp or ticket. But it is MUCH MORE! Yes, the Gospel provides us access, but it also transforms us.

In order to grow in this transformation we must first understand the bigger picture through 4 stories.
• Creation – God made all thing, and all things were declared good.
• Fall – We worship(ed) the creation and not the Creator. This brought Death
• Redemption – GOD CAME NEAR and became the judgement we deserved. This bought Life
• Restoration – The Restoration of all things new. (aka – The already and not yet)

Unfortunately our Christian culture often ignores the first and last story. This is crippling when we ask the all important question: “What is our salvation for?” The notion that salvation is simply a means to escape the consequences of the second story (sin), ignores the bigger picture. It also diminishes the value of our neighbor, ourselves and the benefits of community.

To truly understand Jesus’ command to “love God with all our Heart Soul and Mind and to love our neighbor as ourself” means to understand the benefits of the Gospel that go beyond the pardon. Freedom for life is an everyday and everywhere endeavor!

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