Luke 11 1-13 Walking in the Night
February 5, 2018

Luke 11 1-13 Walking in the Night

Passage: Luke 11:1-13

A beautiful passage about prayer. The key is verse 8. Most bibles note that Impudence or Shameless should not be translated as persistence. In fact, persitience was not applied to the text until around the 12th century.

It is possible that this mistranslation was made by misapplying the next parable. In that parable the word "knocks" is used. However, even in this situation there is no reference to persistence. God's ear for his children is ALWAYS instant. And He never complains about improper timing or mode. Prayer is conversation with God. And in Christ we always have free unfiltered access to Him.

Finally, A larger conversation is required on this topic. But in short. The nature of Shameless in verse 8 should be understood "without shame" or "without blame". This means, yes God is our friend. But this is not why he delights to provide. Rather, his provision is 100% based upon who He is. It is his UNCHANGING Character that we trust in. He is by nature a provider. He is by nature LOVE!

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