Mezze - A feast of portions

The art of relationships through small portions.

In the Western World food is a utility for life. This is illustrated in the Fastfood experience. We drive up, get the food and move onto the next thing. However, seperating the meal from relationships indicates how far we have drfited from our call to community. This gap can be found in almost every aspect of our culture. Front porches become back porches. Friends become links. The dining room becomes a car seat. In all this we have forgotten how to be with people.

The concept of meals is foundational to the gospel. In fact, one could retitle the "Bible" as "The Great Banquet". Understanding this biblical significance requires a cultural context. Meals in Jesus' time had a deep relational rythm. In the process of eating, something more is discoverd. In modern day terms this is called "Mezze". Technically "Mezze" is series of small dishes (typically olives, tahini, hummus, salads, yogurts & fruit) followed by another series of dishes with vegetables, eggs, meats & fish. Followed by another series of whole fish, meat, stews and grills. This progressive nature gives the meal an indiscernable beginning or ending. In the process the food becomes a catalyst to communion. A feast of portions and fellowship.

This is the rhythm of relationships. Our Lives are not divided into sacred and secular parts. The gospel is not a drivethru, rather it is an invitation to a deeply communal event. At Christ Fellowship we seek to practice the "Mezze" concept in our activities (including Sunday). Below is an invitation to join our daily "Mezze". Small daily scriptural portions that are part of a larger meal. By grace we will gather in small groups to discuss these topics and learn how to dine with Jesus all week long