Mezze - A feast of portions

The art of relationships through small portions.

We live in a culture where instant gratification and privacy have become non-negotiables. This is illustrated in the fast-food experience: We drive up, eat in the car, and move onto the next thing. This concept can be found in almost every part of our culture. Front porches become back porches. Friends become links. The dining room becomes a car seat. In all this we have forgotten how to be in community.

The connection between meals and community is not new. In fact, relational meals are so foundational to Christianity one could re-title the "Bible" as "The Great Banquet."  But living in a "fast-food" culture we forget the deep relational rhythm of life.

These ancient rhythms can still be found today. In Middle Eastern culture it's called "Mezze." Technically "Mezze" is a progressive series of small dishes with no defined beginning or ending. It is a feast of portions. But the process is really more about community instead of eating. The closest thing we have is the tailgating party.

At Christ Fellowship we seek to practice the "Mezze" concept everywhere we Live Work and Play. Faith (like a meal) is not a drive-thru, rather it is an invitation to a deeply communal event.

 You are invited to sign up to receive daily Mezze texts by texting "Mezze" to 678-498-6026. You will receive small daily scriptural portions that are part of a larger meal. By grace we will gather in small groups to discuss these topics and learn how to dine with Jesus all week long.

Below are some ways you can connect with us as we learn how to "dine with Jesus" all week long.

Mezze Groups

“Table” is a great word to describe our mid-week gatherings. It’s both open and relational, nourishing and simple. We all need a place of belonging. A place where we are known, cared for, and connected. And by faith a safe place to explore the boundless waters of Faith.

For more information on our Mezze Groups contact us at



The Ladies of Christ Fellowship gather in small groups and occasionally for larger events such as dinners, service projects, or just fun activities.



The Men of Christ Fellowship gather once a month for fellowship and weekly in small groups. Sometimes we organize around sports or service projects.