The Age Old Question (music)

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Below you can access our “musical telescope” We are in the early stages and still learning/growing in many ways. So this Spotify song list will give you a feel for how we will grow and celebrate … Read More

A Path for Planting

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The attached video is a brief recap of our conversation from last Sunday night. I know the illustrations of stream and pick-axe are cheesy. But, these concepts are so important that we must unlearn some … Read More

When a Table is a Window

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I imagine some people are wondering why we use a picnic table. Well, we traveled two paths in the decision-making process. The first has to do with what we did not choose. Specifically a cross … Read More

Hide & Go Seek… Until..

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In the gospel of Luke: Chapter 15 (see below) there are two stories dealing with lost things. In both stories the lost objects are pursued “UNTIL” they are found. At first glance this does not … Read More

REST – yep, me too!

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I will start this post by saying that I am guilty. I am not the fountainhead of rest. Only Jesus can be that. I am just like you, a broken sinner in need of grace. … Read More


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In the first 4 verses of John 2:1-11 we run straight into the problem of modern Christianity. When life’s party loses steam, We see Jesus as the great magician who can zap all problems away. … Read More

China in a Bull Shop

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I was terrified the first time my idol factory got destroyed. I was consumed in a life of people pleasing and self-deception. For decades I had designed and built the porcelain artifacts of my life. … Read More

1000 words

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Most likely you are reading this by yourself. I invite you to take five minutes. Slow down and let the pieces fall. This will be difficult because slowing down often means loosing distractions from pain. … Read More